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User Experience Design Company

Let’s start with the buzzword user experience or UX for short, what is it and what it actually signifies for your web or mobile app? Well, in a user-centric world, your app should have the basic ingredients for the user to be able to navigate, engage and ultimately convert into a client.

So, a good UX design put all these ingredients into a user journey, simplifying business processes, improving customer satisfaction and interaction with your products and services. Now, you must be thinking, thats a mouthful but if you change your perspective from a product owner to product consumer, it starts to make more sense as we all use many apps on daily bases and what we like in an app are simple things e.g. How friendly is the app? Is it engaging? Is the design pleasing? And so on.

When last did you use an app and experienced a WOW factor? I m sure the answer is not too many. Its due to a simple fact that the product owner sees it differently than the consumers not to mention the technical jargons they use to prove uniqueness and value proposition. It all comes down to bridging the gap between apps and user, finding that sweet spot, a product in all its glory and a happy user.

Now, how do you find that sweet spot? Well, the good news is, we do that for a living. We are a UX Design company with over 14 years of experience in UX/UI design and helped companies from small startup to large global enterprises over 4 continent.

What is User Experience?

The word ‘User Experience’ is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted concept in the modern app development process. People refer to user experience as look and feel, ease of use and how user interacts with the app among others. The fact is, user experience is far more than that and infect can achieve more than its perceived function. UX is not about just pretty buttons and images, let’s start from the beginning.

  • Context: substance in the subject
  • Content: Is is quality content
  • And how its presented to the user

Now, the user experience part, the user experience starts when the first 2 elements, quality content and relevance are there. Only than the story of good UX starts with the the following questions.

  • Is it useful?
  • Is it usable?
  • Is it optimized to be found on search engine?
  • Is the information credible?
  • Ever function is accessible?
  • Is it desirable?
  • Is there any value proposition?
User Experience Design Best Practice

So, what does a User Experience Specialist do? It starts with intensive research to get all the facts right. What is that you offering and what is that the user wants? In some cases, user interviews to get user perspective as what they want in an app compare to what you offering. The UX specialist than move on to wireframe to put that research into ideas. Once the ideas are refined and signed off, the app than goes into prototyping to bring those ideas into life with interactive prototyping. The app than goes into real user testing to account for all the shortcomings before handed over to the development team.